Current repertoire: 2/4 Marches MAP 2017 1. Liberton Pipe Band Greenwood Side 2. 2nd Rhodesian Regiment I’ll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon 2/4 Marches MAP 2016 3. Mhari Bhan Corriechoilies Welcome 4. Teribus Jenny’s Bawbee 3/4 Marches 5. The Green Hills of Tyrol When the Battle's O'er 6. Lochanside 7. Castle Dangerous Highland Brigade at Magersfontein The Bloody Fields of Flanders 8. Colin’s Cattle The Argylls Crossing the River Po The Dream Valley of Glendaruel 4/4 Marches 9. Murdo's Wedding Scotland the Brave 10. The Rowan Tree The Old Rustic Bridge 11. Mrs Flora Duncan The Meeting of the Waters 12. Jean MacInnes Loch Ruan 13. The Rose of Allandale The Roses of Prince Charlie 14. Killiecrankie The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie 6/8 Marches 15. Dr Ross's 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering 16. Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis 17. Mrs Lily Christie 18. 10th HLI Crossing the River Rhine 19. MacLeod of Mull 20. Jean Mauchline 9/8 Marches 21. Bathgate Highland Games The Heights of Dargai 22. The Battle of the Somme Slow Airs 23. Amazing grace 24.Highland Cathedral