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Exercise of the day: New "Back to Basics" Exercise




Back to Basics

A series of exercises, the intention of which is to help pipers improve

both their basic technique and rhythmical sense.


My premise is that all pipers, at all stages of their development, have a basic requirement to

improve our mastery of both finger technique and rhythmical accuracy. Having spoken to a

number of grade one band pipers, master soloists and piping adjudicators it became obvious

that basic technique, which is almost totally avoided in the lower grade bands, is the best,

and perhaps the only way, to improve playing.


The exercises that follow will easy to understand and useful right from beginner level to the

most advanced players so there will be something for everyone. If you think you are too good

for the exercises then you most certainly need them.


All exercises will require the use of a metronome (mechanical or app).


Start at the bottom end of the speed range shown, where you can play with maximum precision and accuracy (they are different things!).


Increase the tempo until you start to hear a breakdown of technique, go back to the highest

setting you can play and use that as a maximum for now. In a day or so attempt the higher

setting and you will often be surprised to find that you can now succeed at this tempo.



Back to basics Series Please note that this series uses the material from the "All Exercises" series or variations thereof but includes specific tips and explanatory text in addition.


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